The Manhattan OKC Spotlight Artist Chosen

The Manhattan OKC Spotlight Artist Chosen

The Manhattan OKC, the next great social hotspot in downtown OKC, is engaging the artistic talents of the 405. We asked artists to recreate a simple piece of clip art into a creative masterpiece. The chosen artist have created original work based on the supplied drawing of a Manhattan Cocktail (see below). The new art will be placed in The Manhattan OKC at 210 Park Ave. in Downtown OKC and utilized via our print, online and social media outlets. Multiple artists have been selected to create a complete, original work of art based on the original drawing, in their own style. Required elements will be the martini glass and ingredients list with measurement. The rest is up to their imagination.

The chosen artist are:

  • Clint Stone
  • Skip Hill
  • Adam Lanman
  • John Roy
  • Jessica Legako

Chosen artist will receive cash and a Manhattan OKC gift card in exchange for a finished work of art based on the proposal above. Finished piece will be at least 12”x12” and no bigger than 48”x48” with a preferred 18”x24” finished size. All art will be mounted, wired and ready to hang in The Manhattan OKC. Artist will transfer all rights to display the work and use in promotional materials. Artist credits will be given when possible. Each chosen artist will receive special recognition on as well.

For Immediate Release
Oklahoma City, OK